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Money isn’t the only thing that one can donate to the needy ones; delivering education is more worthwhile if you give it to them who never got it. So, rather than just ticking your bucket list while traveling, try to make your journeys meaningful by joining a volunteer program and teaching the unprivileged ones. If you want to teach in an orphanage and India is your next travel destination then you’re lucky enough as there are many NGOs who offer volunteering opportunities in India. But, to be a teacher isn’t that easy as it sounds. Therefore, to make your volunteer teaching rewarding, here we’re sharing some points that you must know beforehand.

  • Sign up for a volunteer program- Choose a program carefully to sign up. Choose the one which is non-profit (that doesn’t seem just like a business) and guides you well before starting your teaching classes. It’s a win-win if you’re already an experienced teacher but if you’re new in teaching or you’re on a gap year then join the organization that provides volunteer teacher training course before letting volunteers teach the children.

Volunteer Program for Children

  • Learn Basic Hindi- Learning is just about understanding things clearly. To get properly involved with kids, one must learn a bit of the local language. In India, communication in Hindi will make the children more comfortable to interact. You can learn some basic Hindi phrases from the in-house teaching faculty. Also, it’s fun for kids to hear their language in a different accent.

  • Play Games- There’s no better way than to teach kids by playing games. Games increase cooperation among kids and reduce stress, thus motivates them to learn more. And we all know that the teacher; who organizes fun activities at school; is the most loved one by all the students. In India, there are many exciting games that kids love to play, like Hide & Seek, cricket, hopscotch, kho-kho and many more.Also read: Top 10 DOs and DON’Ts You Should Know While Volunteering in India

Teach Children India

  • Be Practical- Set a curriculum and plan your lessons first. Try to plan a practical approach daily to teach children how things actually work in real life. It’s a fact that we barely keep theoretical knowledge in our mind but information that’s shared with live scenarios can be retained for a long time. Resulting in this, you too will be remembered for a long time. 🙂

Volunteer work with Children India

  • Never Compare- Your teaching can do more harm than good if you compare kids. Every kid performs differently but never point out the weaker ones. It does nothing but humiliates them and hence lowers their self-esteem. Treat all students equal.

At last, we suggest one to stay for a longer period while volunteering in India as teaching children for a day or two doesn’t really make an impact. We hope following these points will help you to be a successful volunteer teacher. So, to bring some changes in those lives who are less fortunate, join a volunteer program today.