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The holidays are just around the corner! You should probably start thinking about some productive things you can do this holiday. When we see productive, nothing can be better than participating in a social cause. Very few people have the opportunity to pay back to society. What if we tell you that this can be made more interesting if you join a volunteer and travel abroad program! This program will help you to plan a tour and simultaneously join a volunteer work in other countries to help the local society.

India is one of the most attractive countries for travel and volunteering programs. It is a culturally rich region with different ethnicities, customs, beliefs, and sceneries. Every state is equally rich in culture and traditional arts and crafts. Punjab is known for its brave, helpful people and exuberant festivals and occasions; Rajasthan is known for its legendary tigers and birdlife as well as Jaipuri arts and crafts, traditional jewelry, gems, etc. Similarly, every state is famous for something. But, one of the harsh truths of the country is illiteracy among its rural population. Though the government has introduced many measures to curb it, still the problem requires collective efforts by all.

Volunteer and Travel Abroad Program

Reasons why you should join a travel and volunteer program in India

Volunteering India’s summer volunteering program 2019 is a three-week volunteer program that will offer you a combined experience of exploring India as well as volunteering in a program of your choice. Through volunteer abroad opportunity you can take part in street children’s education, English training, or pick an orphanage volunteer work program.

i) Bring change in a child’s life

Through travel and volunteering opportunities you can spend time with underprivileged children and bring a change in their lives. It can be through any activity like teaching or sharing your knowledge of the world with them. Participating in such activities will give you a morale boost and bring positivity in your mind and soul.

ii) Explore India’s history

The program will take you to culturally rich heritage sites of India where you can explore the rich history of the country. You can also meet local people to understand their culture and customs. You can add these experiences in your CV too for showcasing your vast knowledge about the world’s one of the most favorite travel destinations.

iii) Talk with the local people

The true India lies in its rural population who are still grounded in the traditional customs and beliefs of the country. When you travel at different destinations under the volunteer abroad program, you will get the chance to interact with the local people of the area. You can learn about their art and skills, their beliefs, and their struggles in life.

iv) Learn yoga and meditation

India is the birthplace of many yogis. Yoga rejuvenates the mind and soul and gives a new purpose to your life. India has a deep connection with yoga due to its cultural as well as religious background. You can learn yoga and meditation classes during your visit to the country.

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You can further enjoy the local food, transport, and weather of the tropical country. More than anything else, take the opportunity to give your future self a beautiful memory to cherish.

For more information, you can contact info@volunteeringindia.com